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About Alpha Management

ALPHA MANAGEMENT INC is an independent financial services based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Because every investor is unique and has their own needs, goals and expectations, we are careful to take a "big picture" approach in our client relationships. This means that we examine as much of your personal situation as possible. By doing this, we can most effectively offer guidance, suggestions, planning and implementation for you and your family.

Our first meeting together will merely be a fact-finding and "get acquainted" session, during which we can learn about your goals, and during which you can get to know us and how we approach the advisor-client relationship. Typically no decisions or commitments on either end are made during the first meeting.

After that may be another meeting or two during which we explore possibilities and ideas, and also clarify costs and expectations of an advisory relationship. If the decision is made to move forward, implementation of your plan begins.

ALPHA MANAGEMENT is committed to your understanding of, and comfort with, any plan we create and implement for you.

To that end, we provide clarity, when your plan is first implemented and as long as our relationship continues. We value clarity and communication highly in any relationship, and you will have our commitment to clarity and open communication at all times.

Diana Urban

Operations Manager



Ryan P. Urban

Senior Advisor



A resident of Colorado Springs since 1983, Ryan has been active in the local business and senior communities for over twenty years.

Ryan works with individuals, families and businesses across the wealth spectrum, leveraging his independent objective professional background (see below) to help them invest and plan for the future. 

Prior to entering the financial services field in 1999, Ryan was Executive Director of a large, multi-location home health care company and is formerly a Director with a Fortune 100 Medicare plans insurer. This experience provided him with an intimate understanding of the financial, retirement and health care issues that we will all face, as well as the sometimes complicated and challenging nature of inter-family relationships as we age.

Ryan is a past officer on the Board of Directors of The Friends of the Colorado Springs Senior Center, has hosted two radio programs for seniors, and is active in other Colorado Springs organizations.

Shannon Cowan

Client Relationship Manager



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